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(832) 736-7612

7155 Bellfort Ave., Houston, TX 77087







                                                                                        OUR CUSTOMERS SATISFACTION IS OUR UTMOST PRIORITY.

About Us

 Car Game Houston is a leader at the forefront of the automotive industry in heart of Houston, Texas and this is why we're regarded as the 101 in automotive services in the great state of Texas.

We offer a range of auto services which include auto rentals, paint/collision, auto detailing, wheels and tires.

With more than a decade experience in the automotive industry we have serve the residents of southwest Houston and

it's environs and our antecedents speaks volumes for itself and thus have made us a staple and the go-to automotive

shop for all their immediate and future auto needs and services.

We Believe in the mantra that our customers satisfaction is our utmost priority so we strive to provide excellent auto services

which in return makes our customers to come back for repeat business.

Come check us out today, our automotive shop is located at 7155 Bellfort St. Houston, Tx 77087 and Phone # is +1832-736-7612

About Our Founder/CEO


My name is Tony Harris and am the founder/CEO of Car Game Houston. Car Game Houston is an Automotive Shop that offers amazing and great quality automotive services from auto rentals, Collision/Painting, auto detailing, Wheels and tires. We offer unbeatable prices on all our auto services and it doesn’t matter where you are we will meet your every automotive needs.  Our services are top notch with our state of the art automotive tools and equipment. Car Game Houston is all about providing you with the very best of auto services from the economic and aesthetic aspect of the Industry and bringing joy into your everyday life with our decade long experience of over delivery on our works and promises.

How was Car Game Houston born? How did you start?

Car Game Houston was born through passion, and sheer determination to realize a lifelong dream of owning and managing my own automotive shop and services. I’ve always loved automobiles, so by  blending durability of our auto services with attention to customer satisfaction we have over the years solidified our name in the city of Houston and it's environs as a leading automotive shop. Our mantra is "customers satisfaction is our utmost priority." This means that customer's satisfaction is very paramount to our operations as an automotive business.

Furthermore, growing up I realized that taking care of your steel toys on four wheels is an important aspect of our modern society and driving the right automobile can inspire confidence and the right auto aesthetic can inspire performance. 

Ever since I was a little boy till today I always saw it as a way to express my passion and creativity through an outward automotive artistry and creative expression. All because of the passion & love for this industry, I knew I wanted to have my own automotive shop and business to inspire all people from all works of life to be fearless and passionate in their journey of owning and taking good care of their automobile.

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